A calendar almost a year long. The “Prospero Rendella” Library this morning hosted the presentation of all the events that from February to December are part of the season of initiatives of the Municipality of Monopoli. With deliberation no.28 of 10 February 2022, the City Council of Monopoli has in fact approved the act of address for strategic events of Tourism and Cultural promotion for the year 2022. Over twenty initiatives that will be held in the city from the end of winter until the beginning of next winter. The conference was attended by the Mayor of Monopoli, Angelo Annese, the Councillor of Tourism, Cristian Iaia and the Councillor of Culture Rosanna Perricci, with the participation of associations and operators in the sector.

“On 17 February we present what is the calendar for the whole year 2022 until Christmas. A programme that allows you to plan the tourist season from now, as requested by all the tour operators in the city. From today we can promote our offer made up of events to suit all tastes with events in every month. We’ve done our duty and we can’t hide the fact that it wasn’t easy to get started in February, but today we know we have a programme we can rely on,” said Mayor Angelo Annese.

“We are witnessing a development in tourism in Monopoli and for this reason we have a duty to anticipate the timing, organising for the whole year imminently and anticipating communication. These are consolidated events over the years but also new events. We are so attractive that many organizers contact us to bring their events to the city. And it is for this reason that it should also be emphasized that what we are presenting today is just part of the events that will take place in various cultural venues in the city, and that they are not exhaustive of the entire program given that other initiatives, even if “minor”, will be added to this already rich calendar ”, added Councillor of Culture, Rosanna Perricci.

“What we have just presented is a programme of the highest quality, the result of teamwork that Monopoli has never had. I do not think that there are other municipalities that in February are able to present all the events with the indication of the dates. Moreover in March all this will be completed with a presentation of the Tourist Promotion docu-series by Emanuel Caserio,” concluded Tourism Councillo, Cristian Iaia.

The events already included in the program of the Municipality of Monopoli for 2022.

SUDESTIVAL – From the end of February and throughout the month of March, the “Sudestival, Festival lungo un inverno” (22nd edition) returns. This is a film festival, with screenings of first and second feature films, shorts and documentaries, recognition of the “Faro d’argento della Città di Monopoli” and a further 9 awards for specific categories.

VISIONI D’INSIEME – “Visioni D’insieme”, the theatrical review born from the artistic experience of Allegra Brigata and Apad, is back. The two organisations have decided to join forces in order to offer citizens a programme of shows suitable for a varied audience. The events will be held in spring at the “Radar” Theatre, the “Mariella” Theatre and the “Prospero Rendella” Library.

LA NOTTE DEI FALÒ – After a two-year hiatus, the organisation of bonfires returns for the Feast of St Joseph on 19 March 2022. This is a festival that is common to almost the whole of Puglia, with the lighting of numerous devotional bonfires, a reminder of ancient customs and traditions relived today by communities in an atmosphere of celebration and joy.  Organised by the “Operatori Centro Storico” Association.

AMICI DELLA MUSICA – Once again this year, the Administration is supporting the organisation of the music festivals organised by the “Amici della Musica” Association. The 42nd edition takes place from January to May with a summer appendix.

MAGGIO ALL’INFANZIA – “Maggio all’Infanzia” was born with the ambitious idea of not simply being a childhood festival but of becoming a festival about infancy, not stopping at the choice of small spectators to address, but rather trying to be in childhood as a condition of wonder and discovery, of predisposition and glance, of energy and intelligence. It is by seeking out and attracting people’s childlike souls that the festival brings together a community of adults and children. Art is the guide in this search and the force that moves and unites. The 25th edition of the Maggio all’infanzia Festival, dedicated to new productions of Children’s Theatre, will be held from 26 to 29 May 2022 between Bari and Monopoli (at the “Radar” Theatre and in the town squares).

SPRING LIGHT FESTIVAL – Light and color shows, events and animations, in the Portavecchia area from 13 to 15 May 2022 organised by the “La Nuova Portavecchia” Association and the Tourism Operators Association.

MONOPOLELE – Organised by the “Voltare Pagina” Association, the “Monopolele – Ukulele Mediterranean Fest” will be held in the historical centre of Monopoli over the weekend of 27-29 May 2022 with prestigious names from the European scene (authentic virtuous, recognised and appreciated by the international community) who will give life to concerts and “workshops”. There will be an opening concert on Friday evening, a “main” concert on Saturday and a closing concert on Sunday evening. In addition to the main concerts, there will be an “off” route in which the musicians will offer a different perspective on their repertoire or simply “pull” the audience towards the main events. In addition to the concerts, themed workshops will be organised in the “Prospero Rendella” Library for adults and children, enabling enthusiasts to learn new techniques directly from the musicians invited to play in the evening. Parallel to the thematic workshops, two introductory workshops will be organised to teach the basics of the instrument to all ages.

PROSPERO FEST – The program of cultural promotion events “Prospero Fest” is back, now in its fourth edition. After last year’s success with the public, the late spring edition will be held in the historic center and at the Porta Vecchia from 12 to 18 June 2022.

LUMOS – In June, to open the summer, “Lumos-Luci d’estate” returns with music, art and various events on the Porta Vecchia waterfront and in the historical center.

ART EXHIBITIONS – Already scheduled are “Crete e racconti fotografici”, an exhibition of polychrome terracotta with photographic stories by Roberto Montemurro and Giuseppe Di Palma (at the “Carlo V” Castle from April to June) and the exhibition on the artistic production of “Andy Wharol” (at the “Carlo V” Castle from June to August). In addition, an exhibition is being planned at the former fuel depot (Think Tank space).

PORTRAITS – Organised by the “Euterpe” Association, the “Ritratti” festival directed by Antonia Valente and Massimo Felici returns from 8 to 24 July 2022.

PORTO RUBINO – Porto Rubino is the musical event that celebrates the sea: a tour of concerts by famous artists on board a vessel, playing and singing along with the audience on land. Monopoli will be one of the stops on the 2022 summer tour.

COSTA DEI TRULLI – Fourth edition of the travelling festival involving 9 municipalities that have joined the Costa dei Trulli project, choosing to undertake a common path of promotion and enhancement of the territory. The Costa dei Trulli Festival embraces and involves all the arts, attracting internationally renowned artists to Puglia. A Festival that, in addition to being a high-level artistic proposal, aims to enhance the beauty and culture of the places that host it, creating a further opportunity to attract tourists. The participating artists are being defined.

PREMIO “IL GOZZO” CITTÀ DI MONOPOLI – Puglia surprises also for the variety of talents and professionalism that operate on the territory and beyond that allow the region to stand out in different fields. For this reason, in the heart of Puglia, in Monopoli, on Friday 15th July 2022 at 8.30 p.m., Cala Batteria will host the 17th edition of the “Il Gozzo Prize – City of Monopoli”, organised by the TV station Canale 7, for those who have distinguished themselves in the fields of culture, entertainment, information and entrepreneurship at national and international level. In addition to these categories, there is an award for young talents and a special prize from the town.

LAMATEATRO – From July to September, the Lamateatro Festival returns. Performances, training meetings, workshops and participatory experiences held by professionals of the sector by L’Allegra Brigata. A theatre festival, without distinctions between genres and generations, in the name of contamination not only of languages, but also of audiences, to overcome useless distinctions and bring this living art closer to the community.

PHEST – For the 7th consecutive year, PhEST – See Beyond the Sea, international festival of photography and art, returns to animate the centre of Monopoli, Puglia and the Mediterranean from here turns to gaze the whole world. As always, it will be held from late summer to early autumn.

“PANORAMA” EXHIBITION – Exhibition of widespread art in the historical centre of Monopoli curated by Vincenzo de Bellis, Associate Director and Curator for the visual arts of the Walker Art Centre in Minneapolis. PANORAMA-Monopoli after PANORAMA-Procida is the 2nd edition of an exhibition of the same title, ITALICS annually dedicated to the story of some of the most fascinating places in the Italian landscape. Event will be held in the historical centre between palaces and churches from 31 August to 4 September 2022.

ALBA DI NOTE – On Thursday 1 September 2022 Porta Vecchia beach in Monopoli will host the 2nd edition of “Alba di Note – Un tuffo nella tradizione”. At the first light of dawn (about 5.30 am) a concert from the sea followed through by a sunrise swim that traditionally Monopolitans treat themselves to on the first day of September as a good omen for the coming autumn and winter. A auspicious plunge of hope and health for the months to come, born as a spontaneous initiative some time ago and now customary for a growing number of citizens and visitors, which for the first time will be enriched by a valuable musical experience.

GOZZOVIGLIANDO – Free excursions on gozzo boats, art and craft markets, music, dancing, popular songs, culinary workshops, activities and workshops for children. These are the activities that will take place in Monopoli during the four Sundays of October as part of the initiative “Sulle vie del mare” promoted during the month of October in order to enhance the maritime traditions of Monopoli and contribute to the diffusion of historical and cultural aspects related to its port. The Palio dei Gozzi (Palio of the Gozzis) returns to the old port.

PROSPERO YOUNG – From 10 to 12 November cultural events to celebrate the anniversary of the reopening of the “Prospero Rendella” Library.

VOX-FEM ITALY – “On the trail of women’s voices”. VoxFem is a review of events organised in four meetings dedicated to the voice of women in the Mediterranean: the characteristic of the concerts is to propose original musical repertoires sung in various languages of the Mediterranean basin, with the use of traditional musical instruments. On Sundays from 6 to 27 November 2022, each meeting will be preceded by a brief presentation of the geographical area of origin of the artist and the repertoire performed.

NATALE (CHRISTMAS) – The events for Christmas 2022 are already being planned, starting on 7 December 2022 until 6 January 2023.

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