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Languages: Sound: Italian - Subtitles: English

The journey is about to begin. Fun, culture and relax, Monopoli is the place to find yourself enjoying all that this city can offer. #EnjoyMonopoli is a journey of places, discoveries, flavors. Through the eyes of Emanuel Caserio, a young actor in Italian cinema, you will experience the emotions that #Monopoli can give to anyone who chooses to come here. 5 video episodes and 30 video pills starting today will tell an incredible journey... your next trip. Ready to go with us?

Let this journey begin!

Discover Monopoli through the Tips Guide, short video guides that tell the uniqueness of the city between culture, flavors, folklore, events and much more, throughout the year. Many ideas for travel itineraries and unique experiences. #EnjoyMonopoli!

Watch the Tips Guide and start your journey

Episode 1

Who is 'The Cavalier Fisherman'? What are the 'vop'? And the 'sciorl? 'Enjoy Monopoli' means first of all to enjoy its wonderful sea, in every season of the year. Come for a dip here with us?

Languages: Sound: Italian - Subtitles: English

Episode 2

Who is 'the most loved person in Monopol? what are the 'votive shrine'? and the 'talking skeletons'? 'Enjoy Monopoli' is to get lost in the streets of the old town, smell the scents, and why not, even the flavors. The old fishing village awaits you. Ready to fall in love?

Languages: Sound: Italian - Subtitles: English

Episode 3

How much history does this city tell? its conservatory, the air raid shelter, the castle? 'Enjoy Monopoli' is to hear the sound of a melody that is lost in time. Ready to discover everything this city can tell you?

Languages: Sound: Italian - Subtitles: English

Episode 4

Not only sea. The farms, the rock churches, the rolling hills, there is so much to discover in this city 'Enjoy Monopoli' is to get excited in front of expanses of millenary olive trees with their roots firmly set in the red earth and the always green foliage that look at the blue sky. Come here with us to eat the bruschetta with 'yellow gold of Puglia'?

Languages: Sound: Italian - Subtitles: English

Episode 5

Did you say 'Costa dei Trulli'? Yes, Monopoli is the perfect place from which to discover some of the most characteristic little towns in Puglia. 'Enjoy Monopoli' is to enjoy an amazing city, discover a unique region, find everything the world loves of Italy. Come here with us to dance under the stars? ... the journey continues, we are waiting for you.

Languages: Sound: Italian - Subtitles: English

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