It’s exciting to arrive at the port of Monopoli and be seduced by its ravines, its art and history whether seen at dawn or twilight. The city spreads and opens up like a history book or a theatrical stage: from the castle to the dome of Saint Teresa, from the castle to the houses which seem to push themselves into the sea.

Old town

30 min

on foot or by bike

A deep-rooted story

To appreciate and capture the life of the city take a walk around the port. This captivating port is the city of Monopoli. Study the imposing beauty of the castle or the architecture of the nearby Martinelli Palace built in the 18th Century and its attractive loggia overlooking the sea with eight Neo-Gothic arches. Unlike other ports, for example Bari or Brindisi, the centralised position of Monopoli’s port boasts an added navigational approach with its historic balconied area along the eastern Adriatic coast.


This stroll into the heart of local history is strongly linked to maritime culture. The port basin has four coves: the “old port”, the “Batteria” cove, the “Fontanelle” cove and the “Curatori” cove. The more modern northern part is used for commercial shipping, more recently tourist traffic. Also present here is the Naval Office (Lega Navale) near the “Curatori” cove with its fully equipped landing stage in the dock. Other naval dock yards are present in the port. The more interesting southern part, the “old port”, is the fishing fleet and the typical boats known as the “vozz”. According to local religious belief it was into this cove that the raft with the Madonna arrived. A small arch with a picture of the Madonna, the Virgin protector, is to be seen here. Among the many interesting things along the “Margherita” dock, which is dominated by a red lighthouse, are ancient cannons used as bollards.

Echoes of the soul

From sunrise till sundown the port of Monopoli is alive with illumination and sounds, atmosphere and colour. Among them – the return of the fishing fleet with their catch every evening; the many fishing rods and their keen owners who fish in all seasons at all times; the passage of bright red & blue rowing boats “gozzi” with their typical lampara lanterns once used as a way of fishing; in the “Batteria” cove the sporting club boats training for the prestigious Pro Monopoli boat race, established in 1905, which boasts success both nationally and internationally.

Around the harbour

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