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#EnjoyMonopoli | Life in a ‘masseria’

The 'masseria' are the essence of Puglia, and in particular of Monopoli and its countryside. They are a heritage of the territory, an expression of beauty and a rediscovered desire for authenticity. #EnjoyMonopoli, a lunch or a stay at the farm are unforgettable experience.

#EnjoyMonopoli | Santo Stefano Castle

An ancient Abbey born from the sea, a magical place, a pine forest that smells of heroes, ladies and princesses. #Enjoy Monopoly, you have no idea how much this city can surprise you.

#EnjoyMonopoli | Rural churches

They are set among hills and open countryside, in caves and hidden cavities, rock churches and small charming churches, perfect settings of stories of ladies and knights. #EnjoyMonopoli, if there is so much to discover in the city, you don’t know what a surprise the countryside!

#EnjoyMonopoli | Olive grove tour

What better place to do 'tree watching' than the Monopoly campaigns? Observe, search in the olive trunks shapes and images, touch what earth, sun and water have built over the centuries. #EnjoyMonopoli, organize your olive trees tour.

#EnjoyMonopoli | Breathtaking views

What are you doing today? We propose a dip in beauty. From dawn to dusk, whether you look towards the sea or the hill, your eyes will rest on breathtaking scenery. #EnjoyMonopoli, every day of the year.

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