Sailing the sea

The harbor, fishing, the ‘Lame’, the rock settlements and the peasant life. These elements are at the base of the town of Monopoli and hence the project ‘Cutting through the sea, between history and traditions’. Through four itineraries we invite you to discover the Monopoli from the coast to the countryside. The sea will be the path on board a ‘Gozzo’ (a typical local fishing boat) and described by the tales of wise fishermen. The historic borough, the countryside and the farms will reveal the combination of a sea-rural civilization in every period of the year.

GOZZOvigliando … throughout the sea

  • A trip on a typical roar boat
  • The guide will tell to the tourist the history of Monopoli, following the ancient walls. Then the fisherman will show how he leads the Gozzo with different techniques of strokes
  • Tour duration

    1 h, two people, the fisherman and the guide

GOZZOvigliando … throughout the sea and the alleys of the old town

  • A trip on a typical roar boat
  • The guide will tell to the tourist the history of Monopoli, following the ancient walls. Then the fisherman will show how he leads the Gozzo with different techniques of strokes.
  • The trip will continue with a tour among the alleys of the old town where the guide will explain the historical and artistic heritage of Monopoli
  • Tour duration

    2 h, two people, the fisherman and the guide

GOZZOvigliando … “nzillé”, i.e. fishing on a GOZZO

  • A trip on a typical roar boat
  • The fisherman will show to the tourist how to fish using a line and a hook. During the tour, the guide will explain the history of Monopoli, following the ancient walls.
  • Tour duration

    1.30 h long, two people, the fisherman and the guide

Riding by bike along the seaside and the countryside of Monopoli

  • Starting from Banchina Solfatare, next to the port. People will join a fantastic tour by bike discovering the strong relationship between sea and rural life.
  • The tour will continue till “LAMA BELVEDERE”, a green path from the suburbs of Monopoli till the heart of the town
  • Visit of “Santo Spirito”, a rupestrian church
  • The tour will lead the group riding along the seaside of Monopoli, till Capitolo. Here, there will be the possibility to visit a Masseria and to taste typical products.
  • Ending point: Banchina Solfatara
  • Tour duration

    4 h long, 5 people, the guide

Events in Monopoli

Milano Bit 2023: Over 20 strategic events for the City of Monopoli
15 February 2023

A long calendar of events, music, theatre, exhibitions, meetings with authors and traditions that will accompany citizens, visitors and tourists over…

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The “European Heritage Days” (EHD) are back
21 September 2022

Monopoli’s Cultural Assessor, Rosanna Perricci, will join the European Heritage Days (EHD) on Saturday 24/09 and Sunday 25/09, the biggest and…

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Panorama Monopoli A city-wide exhibition curated by Vincenzo de Bellis 1 – 4 September 2022
23 August 2022

ITALICS is the first consortium in Italy to bring together over sixty of the most authoritative galleries of ancient, modern and…

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PhEST 2022 – first advances
13 July 2022

PhEst – See Beyond the Sea, once again finds great success among those, who for study, hobby and work, have an…

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Ritratti Music Festival – 18th edition
8 July 2022

Nine concerts in places of great charm in the name of kindness and beauty SOUNDS AND SPACES Music that builds bridges,…

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Inside Warhol. The exhibition from June 22nd at Castello Carlo V
1 July 2022

“Inside Andy Warhol” is coming!  An Apulian that holds an amazing history, is going to host a selection of original artworks,…

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Starting from July 1st Monopoli’s main churches will be open to the public
29 June 2022

This year, thanks to the local authority for arts and entertainment, Rosanna Perricci, and to the local authority for tourism, Cristian…

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5 May 2022

ERICH TURRONI. Slaughterhouse-Five, tribute to KURT VONNEGUT Sotto le palpebre del giorno (“Under the lids of the day” lit.) is a…

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Monopoli All Year Round: All the Events Scheduled for 2022
18 February 2022

A calendar almost a year long. The “Prospero Rendella” Library this morning hosted the presentation of all the events that from…

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PhEST: from the 6th of August to the 1st of November 2021 in Monopoli
3 August 2021

OUTDOOR AND MORE! From the 6th of August to the 1st of November 2021 in Monopoli, Puglia | The VI edition…

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The Coastal Action Group ‘The Sea of Olive Trees’ is a Business Consortium with a limited responsibility. It is the fruit of a public-private partnership consisting of 18 subjects representing the fisheries sector, public bodies and entities which are representative of the significant local socioeconomic and environmental sectors. The territory involved, an area of approximately 400 km facing the Adriatic Sea, is that between the Municipalities of Mola di Bari, Fasano, Monopoli and Polignano a Mare. The Coastal Action Group ‘The Sea of Olive Trees (GAC “Mare degli Ulivi”) was created to implement the Costal Development Plan (Piano di Sviluppo Costiero – PSC), i.e. the set of actions, programs and projects aimed at sustainable development and the improvement of quality of life in fishing areas; in this perspective, the GAC intends to provide an integrated system of local development which is able to exploit all the productive potential of the territory, its uniqueness and its resources with particular attention to tourism, the landscape to the coastal environment and, obviously, to the fisheries sector. The strengthening of the competitiveness of certain sectors (e.g. fisheries), the improvement of the level of vocational training to adapt more and more to the dynamics of markets, the strengthening of the services and the promotion of attitude to innovation (also in function of the environmental efficiency) represent a stimulus for the complete maturation of the area


The specific objectives that the GAC intends to carry out in the context of its strategy to respond to the many challenges are:

  • Exploitation of fish products;
  • Diversification of fishing activity through promotion of pluriactivity of fishermen;
  • The promotion of the quality of the coastal environment;
  • Improvement of professional skills of fishermen, with particular attention to young people;
  • The promotion of national cooperation and transnational cooperation between the fishing zones
  • Investments to promote the shortening of the production chain of fish.
  • The promotion of tourist activities and recreational activities in the area through the involvement of fishing tourism and activities related to fishing
  • Creation of infrastructure investments on a small scale can increase the attractiveness of fishing for tourists so as to improve the economic benefits.

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